When it comes to eye makeup, a lot of people make use of the eyeliner to get the enhanced look. You can apply an eye liner using the liquid form or the eye pencil. Many celebrities are making use of different colored eye pencils to get a different look for their eyes.

Colors like blue, green, brows are making waves these days. Hardly there are any who are sticking to the clichéd black only. This does not mean that black is no more in use, it is but along with different colors. There are some people who just can’t go without the use of black eyeliner.

When you are using the eye pencil, you should stretch the lid from the eye and then draw the line with the pencil. Make sure that you are drawing it close to the eye lashes. If you think the color is too light, you can draw a line with some other dark color. When it comes to eye makeup, it is always interesting to see mixing of two colors.

The best part about colored eye pencils is that you don’t have to work too hard towards getting a stunning look. Considering the fact that most women wear black kohl in their eyes, just when you use colored eye pencils, the overall look becomes a little different and sophisticated. The general notion is that eye makeup has to be loud, but it is not true. You can opt for milder eye makeup by using such eye pencils.

Eye pencils give you an amazing look in the earliest possible time. These days, the colored pencils are coming with smudge brush. So, if you like to get the smoky eye, all you have to do is rub the colored pencil on the eye, and you can smudge it smoothly.